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Increase Your Closing Ratio & Speed Up Your Sales Cycle With this Interactive Sales Tool

Gain access to a brand new marketing tool, that will allow you to invite, excite, educate, enroll and service your clients online, from the comfort of your living room, or anywhere else you have online access.

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This interactive tool will help you change the way you do business today and in the future. It is like nothing else you have ever seen or worked with.

Have the ability to:
  • Market via the internet (you may never have to see a client face to face again).
  • Estimate illustrative comparative numbers on the fly (No more having to ask for proposals).
  • Invite 1 or 1,000 prospective clients to personally navigate on a complete marketing system.
  • Track client progress on a sophisticated client management platform.

Best of all, it allows the client to complete an on-line electronic enrollment application, set up their trust, auto-fill their forms, sign electronically and wire in their payments. All from the comfort of, where ever the client is, home, office, hotel, etc., at whatever time they decide.

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