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The Largest Generation to Ever Become Consumers is Here...

Preparing Your Practice For Generation Y

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Are you and your business prepared for this historic event?

An increase in consumer population of this magnitude hasn’t occurred since the Baby Boom Wave in the mid-1970s.

With 86 Million new consumers ready to enter the workforce, how in-tuned is your practice to accommodate this new, economy-influencing market?

Gain instant access and learn about an industry-leading platform that helps you deeply penetrate the Generation Y marketing setting the stage for significant increases in your business.

You will learn:
  • How to experience a significant increase in high Net Worth Clients
  • A proprietary dividend portfolio strategy designed specifically for the Barbell Economy
  • How to perform record-setting seminars
  • How to partner with the top CPA firms in your market
  • Only available through Optima Insurance and Financial Services